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As parents we need to forever ask ourselves what should my child know and what to teach them and what kind of learning should I provide for my child that would be of benefit to their Deen (religion). 

Most of the time you will find our time is lost dwelling and worrying over the physical aspects of raising our children. 

But ask yourself this; as a parent, how much do we spend worrying about their eternal future, their life in the hereafter? How much time, effort and planning do we put into this particular aspect of our children’s lives? Rather, our top priority as parents should be to nurture and strengthen our children’s understand of their religion and spirituality.

The primary goal here should be to guide them towards that which pleases allah and will ultimately lead them to paradise, and work hard in steering them away from all that which didplease Allah and could lead to hellfire. 

May allah forever guide us on this journey that is not as straightforward as we would like to think. Ameen 

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