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Muskidz Ramadan Doodle Poster

This Ramadan keep the little people busy with this Ramadan doodle poster that covers all aspect of Ramadan. Let them personalise the poster and upon completion they can hang their work up on a wall to display the beautiful art. The doodle comes with 8 prompt cards that a parent can work with the child to help elicit the foundations of Ramadan, it’s actions and the worship that takes place during this amazingly glorious month. A little instruction card comes with this pack to help parents navigate the prompt card.

The big Ramadan doodle poster is A3 in size whilst the prompt cards are in A6 printed on two A4 size papers.

*Please note due to COVID19 postal services are severely delayed but we aim to post products out as soon as we receive the order. All mail will be sent out on First class delivery (untracked) by 17the April 2020. If you require track service please get in touch with us.*

Ramadan Doodle & Prompt Cards UK Customers

For UK customers order from here. Ramadan doodle Poster + 8 prompt cards + 1 instruction card


Ramadan Doodle & Prompt Cards EU & Worldwide customers

For EU and worldwide customer order from here. Ramadan doodle Poster + 8 prompt cards + 1 instruction card. *Please note the postal service is severely delayed with regards to post outside of UK but nonetheless they are still operating.*


Feed and Learn Ramadan Project

The Five Pillars learning tool will help you the parent teach your child in a gradual manner the information required to help your child memorise and comprehend the five pillars. It has been designed with the parent in mind and so every level of learning is well laid out so to provide ease during the whole teaching process. The tool will help you to establish vital Islamic foundation during Ramadan but would also help a needy person have food to break their fast with. So, lets dig deep and help feed the needy in Yemen. For every learning aid bought someone will have iftar for their family. This is a special gift you can give to those who are struggling daily, but even more so on Ramadan.


Feed & Learn Ramadan Project

This Ramadan we hope to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves and we have especially designed a learning tool to allow those who donate to also benefit. Whilst you purchase and receive your physical product, we on the other hand help feed the poor. Please dig deep and support this cause. It costs a lot more to produce, print and post the product than to feed the poor, but we have done this to make giving to charity easy. We ask for a minimum £3 donation but if you would like to give more click on the necessary buttons below Inshallah. Barakallahu feekum The product is A5 in size and will be posted as soon as we receive the order. But please do bare in mind delays with uk postal services due to current health situation.



Extra donation

Feed and Learn extra donation. You can add as many of this donation as you require. Jazakumullahu Khayr