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An empty bucket..


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!”

Children are care free about life and the concept of time so parents need to teach and instil in their children order and give them structure. They come equipped with ample of free time. Look at the child’s brain and picture it as an empty bucket. Then picture yourself the parent/guardian as pouring water (knowledge) into the bucket. At first when you begin pouring that water (knowledge) you can begin by pouring quickly and in large volumes. However the more that child grows the less the capacity the bucket will have and ultimately we are forced to pour water at a slower rate and small volume. Therefore, the wise will use this stage to their advantage by pouring information and knowledge that will not only be useful to the child but to all those he encounters. Remember, if the bucket was filled early on, you only have to keep adding to it and then sit back and reap the benefits. Now that’s what you call a good investment!


Take this analogy and apply it to learning the Qur’an. In the early stages of grasping the language its tedious, long and quite exhausting for both the child and parent. However, the more consistent the learning the quicker the transitioning and acquiring the knowledge presented. In no time they are taking in more and more and becoming accustom to the work in front of them. In the end the tedious long days of memorising and acquiring the skill become forgotten and now they are nearly practicing fluency. It’s all hard in the beginning but gets so much more easier. Stick to it and keep asking Allah to guide you and your child.

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