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Sakhr ibn al-Ghamidi reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “O Allah, bless my nation in their early morning.” al-Tirmidhī 1212

Having a morning routine with the family is so important and so disregarded nowadays. The routine itself don’t have to contain much but has to have Quran at the centre of it all. We need to establish a morning routine so that we begin the day with Allah, in need of His guidance and protection and we need to model to our children that we begin our day with Allah always.

The routine itself doesn’t have to be lengthy, a Surah or two can be recited before leaving for work or school. On school holidays or like the current situation we are in (Covid19 lockdown) we need to embed the learning of new Surahs, Arabic language and learning essential duahs. Put aside daily, 15-20 mins of morning recitation, dhikr or Islamic studies. Illustrate to the children that a day where Allah is the focal point is a good start to the day.

What to cover:

  •  teach basic Surahs such as surah fatiha and the the 3 Quls (surah nas, falaq and ikhlas)
  • teach basic duahs – waking up, sleeping, toilet, going outdoors, parents, when unwell etc
  • teach them the Arabic letters and how to write it out, how to identify the sounds etc
  • teach basic dhikr like SubhaanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar

If time and attention span permits then you can embed some Islamic studies using stories as teaching manuals, you can do read aloud of the prophets (saw) seerah.

Take each day as it comes but you need to intend and seek Allahs help, then plan out what you wish to do with your family and what you aim to have them learn. Have goals and plans and keep a close eye on your intentions daily.


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