A Little about me

My name is Amina, I am a qualified teacher with teaching experience in both religious school and normal state school. I love helping others find the passion to learn the Deen and Quran. I love to encourage others to do good, starting with myself and my children. I am a mother to four children whom I currently homeschool. Our priority is deen and Quran, manners and a holistic approach to Islam.

I hold various certification in child/youth pedagogy, and I have a masters degree in Education. I am currently in the process of completing my studies on NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner. I would like to use this to help the community.

I love reading, writing and keeping fit. My hobbies include coloring, drawing, sports and learning different types of coffee and their after taste, learning about what makes human happy and how to make memories last with children are all included too!


coming soon.

We are excited to announce one-to-one phone coaching to help parents plan their child’s Quran journey will soon be available bi-ithnillah. This will enable the parents to utilise well known tools that would make embarking onto the journey easy and manageable.

There will also be another workshop to help parents plan their child’s Islamic education and how to go about writing up a plan. 

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وَقُل رَّبِّ زِدۡنِي عِلۡمٗا

O my Lord increase me in knowledge

- Quran 20:114

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