“I am so impressed with this book and learning aids mashaAllah. I haven’t come across a book like it and I myself taught all three of my children how to read Quran with Tajweed Alhamdulillah Al’Adheem. I love how informative it is and it includes practical advice and tips for parents on teaching your children the basic Arabic alphabet. Moreover, this book is so much more! It is full of information about how to facilitate their education, the importance of raising our children well and their tarbiyyah. This is wonderful for all parents and those embarking on the journey of Quran inshaAllah.” Sarah Javed – Author, YouTuber, and Home-Educator

The Six Cards is put together beautifully, a gem for every parent who wishes to begin teaching their children how to read Qur’an. Filled with practical advice and written with a set goal in mind. It takes into consideration the reality of a child’s mind and their ways in a kind, encouraging and non-judgemental manner. A must have for every home!”  Farhia Yahya – Teacher and author, www.fajr-literary.com

“...Practical steps in a systematic, clear and concise manner, leaving out all the jargon. Every page unravels jewels of wisdom… a must have for all parents who are looking to enrich their child’s education and give them the best start in life with the Holy Qur’an.   Sister Jeba, Sociologist and Home-Educator

… Brilliant effort in tackling the subject most challenging and worrying to many parents and teachers… packed with practical advice, research and methods that are easy to follow, your little ones will in no time, be reciting the Book of Allah.”  Umm Maya, Business and IT and Teacher of Qur’an

“..you are sharing some very invaluable information and insight for Muslim parents.  I commend you.” Irada Ronalder – Editor and Writer – www.iradaronalder.com