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The right time?….


Parents who want their child to learn Quran will always ask this; when is the right time to start? This question can be answered from many different angles.

  1. Before birth : your intention of starting a family should be based on wanting to please Allah and raise children who will become worshippers. Therefore whilst you are embarking on this journey, you should first and foremost ,sake it a habit to be someone who reads daily. This in effect will help the growing foetus in hearing the recitation before he/she is even born. 
  2. Newborn to 2 years: at this age stage it’s all about hearing and copying, spend a lot of time executing, repeating and singing. By time they would catch on and before you know it they are copying you.
  3. 3-6 years: one of the most important stage and age of acquiring foundations. This is the most desired stage to teach as much as you possibly can. If you had started from birth you will find this stage very easy, if you didn’t start from birth you would still find this stage easy but make sure to encourage and guide the child accordingly. 
  4. 7-11 years: learning at this stage is a bit more easier than the above mentioned but that’s if you take away everything else the child does in their day to day schooling and activities. If the child is only doing Quranic studies at this stage then it’s easy for the jm to acquire the skills of learning Quran, however if their busy with other studies than you need to be easy-going and flexible with their learning as this age group don’t like to be told what to do so you need to tread carefully with much love and compassion and by time you will achieve your goals. The key in every single stage is reward and recognition. Children thrive in that and will work hard if they know the end result is reward and some recognition. 
  5. 12+ years: befriend your child at the stage and help them see the Quran through your actions and behaviour and your day to day dealings and recitations. Children nearing the teenage years are evolving into little adults and would rather be with their mates than around a book and their teacher. So plan wisely and help your child but do not enforce or shove a deadline in their face. If this is the first time you have brought the subject of learning Quran on the table then you need to realise the child has no foundations from previous years to look back on and is starting afresh at a difficult stage in their life, take into consideration the internal changes they are going through and be kind towards them and give them much love so that reflects nicely.

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